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I have always found it funny to how everyone wants to save as much money as they can on everything they purchase yet no one wants to own cheap stuff.

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Just the words cheap stuff conjures up images of poor quality merchandise that is mass produced in a foreign country.

Yet people will stand in line to be the first one in the door at a sale. Everyone wants to make a good deal or find a great buy, but no one wants to be accused of having cheap stuff.

Just recently  I was reminded of this when I was at a family gathering. My aunt was telling us that her daughter is getting into retail sale. She is going to open a franchise store in a neighboring town. This franchise deals mainly in closeout and discontinued items.

On several occasions I have been to one of their stores  and have made several purchases.

I made the mistake of telling my aunt that I like going there because they have cheap stuff. She was very quick to correct me.  She said that they have discounted merchandise.

She went on to talk about the merchandise is name brand and of good quality. This is one of those aunts that I just love to hate! I thought, why not have a little fun?

When she was done with her sales pitch I said to my sister, who was part of the conversation, that the best part about going to this store is that the cheap stuff is so nicely displayed.

My aunt decided to leave the conversation at that point, but as she walked away she again stated that it was not cheap stuff.

beauty_facebook_cover-t2 My sister and I still laugh about this.

We went to the grand opening of the store to support our cousin and also to see if we could get some deals. There were several signs throughout the store advertising deep discounts and close out prices. I told my sister that I wished I had brought a sign that said cheap stuff, to hang in the window. My aunt was helping out by bagging purchases and straightening merchandise.

I must say my cousin was happy to see us and was very excited about her new business venture. She went to help another customer. I had to take the opportunity to ask my aunt how much cheap stuff had been sold so far. She knows I like to tease her and so would not take the bait. We continued shopping and did find some great bargains. As we got into the car to go home I told my sister that I was excited to display my cheap stuff in my home.

Hopefully after reading this article you will no longer have any qualms about purchasing shall we say discounted merchandise for any project you are working on, whether it be home improvement or other, from the many retail stores where you live and especially from online stores. Here you will find the best cheap deals on the planet for any item you can think of.


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